26 February 2015

Vocab 2/26/2015

empennage (n) -- the tail assembly of an aircraft, including the horizontal and vertical stabilizers, elevators, and rudder

visage (n) -- the face or facial expression of a person; countenance

countenance (n) -- appearance, especially the expression of the face; facial features

clincher (n) -- colloq. a point, fact, or remark that settles something conclusively; a decisive factor

syncope (n) -- 1. Grammar the shortening of a word by omission of a sound, letter, or syllable from the middle of the word; for example, bos'n for boatswain 2. Medicine a brief loss of consciousness caused by inadequate blood flow to the brain

boatswain (n) -- a warrant officer or petty officer in charge of a ship's rigging, anchors, cables, and deck crew

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