20 February 2015

The Goings On I

So here I commence my invention of a supportive, alter-egoish persona: YGF.

YGF (Your Good Friend) is basically what I consider to be my letter-writing persona. I feel this is a nice facilitation for me, because I'm really very insecure in how I'm being perceived in letters and direct considerations and so forth. If you'd like to picture what exactly YGF might look like, just imagine a like a bust of a large, burly Caucasian face complete with sun-baked skin and a magnificent, jaw-encapsulating butt chin. Also, there're two round glasses with sheen hiding his eyes. a blonde wavy 'fro to rival '80s Zeus, and a golden halo floating in effulgence above the head. That's it. He's me; I'm him; we're one pee in a pod.

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