01 August 2014

The New Thing and an Apology for The Belated Monthly Dozer III

I've now appended a new site to the TLRH experience, as it were, (knowing fully [syntactically] that there is a repeating the in this sentence and that's because TLRH as a thing is being referred to objectively, thank you very much) which I think will be interesting to experiment with. It's basically a section-by-section analysis of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. I'll probably be posting a lot of new Vocab Words thanks to this. My hope with this is to effectively catalog my analysis of IJ while simultaneously enlightening the fellow reader and outlining the book for future reference. Fingers crossed, guys and gals.

Oh yeah, and I'm sorry for not having yet posted The Monthly Dozer III (July) in its PPFTF form; I'll get it out ASAP (subjectively). 

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