30 July 2014

Gratuitously Short Update of Non-Transient Ephemrality # 2

Moved into Chris's room today. Understood I in that previous sentence. Understood There's an in the one before this one. Same for the one before this one. Understood It's the for the one before this one.

I moved all my books (by all I mean most) in here and took the XBox down and wasted an hour or two playing--or three--Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. Then I watched four episodes of Lost. I stopped watching at Season 4, Episode 7. I'll probably watch it again after this. My god, is it good. I feel like in here I'm somehow subtly intruding on an old boarded up bunker. The shower's got a few spiders in it, multifoam ceiling tiles above me (some in disarray or with clear damp spots in them) as I try sweeping insect carcasses with my bare foot, the species of which insects' genera I have no idea as to the identity of. I'm going to try to learn about Taxonomic ranks sometime. There's some obliquely-ridged stain of who-knows-what on the shower's wall. The bed is comfortable, but creeks every chance it gets. I'm personifying it as a total dick, but it's really not--it's comfortable. I hope I can be more like Conor Oberst. I hope I can be like David Foster Wallace. I hope I can become myself (as ridiculous as it sounds) with the joy of being who and where I am. I hope this isn't a waste.

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