02 June 2014

Gratuitously Short Update of Non-Transient Ephemrality # 1

I put in Lost Season 1 disc two. The small Sansui television set relays via LED a "recursive loop," as it were (a "DWFism" prevalent in Infinite Jest), of the main menu's ominous music and recurring 30-60 second video of vines swinging just slightly in the foreground as rain falls heavily onto a plane's detached cockpit in the middle of a forest behind them (the vines), Menu Options slightly obscured in their monochromatic accordance to the image behind them--pale green/blue. E's messaged me to start it. Lulu's curled into the ball-like fetal form she takes on when she's sleeping, which is often and unmitigated due to her more-than-likely unfulfilled house life. I can't imagine the tedious monotony of being a dog in this day and age. The empathy, of course, fades almost immediately as Jack's childhood flashback cuts to a panicked shore-front swim. I don't have time to think about why I don't have time to think about why I don't have time to think about (etc.) Lulu's sad K9 reality. Maybe she's happy.

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