28 May 2014

Vocab 5/28/14

filigree (n) -- delicate and intricate ornamental work made from gold, silver, or other fine twisted wire

absolve (v) -- to pronounce clear of guilt or blame

efficacy (n) -- power or capacity to produce a desired effect; effectiveness

allot (v) -- to parcel out; distribute or apportion

parcel (n) -- something wrapped up or packaged; a package
           (v) -- to divide into parts and distribute

apportion (v) -- to divide and assign according to a plan; allot

disseminate (v) -- to scatter widely, as in sowing seed

nefarious (adj.) -- infamous by way of being extremely wicked

infamous (adj.) -- having an exceedingly bad reputation; notorious

notorious (adj.) -- known widely and usually unfavorably; infamous

obeisance (n) -- a gesture or movement of the body, such as a curtsy, that expresses deference or homage

deference (n) -- submission or courteous yielding to the opinion, wishes, or judgment of another

homage (n) -- 1. ceremonial acknowledgment by a vassal of allegiance to his lord under feudal law 2. special honor or respect shown or expressed publicly

vassal (n) -- a person who held land from a feudal lord and received protection in return for homage and allegiance

feudal (adj.) -- of, relating to, or characteristic of feudalism

feudalism (n) -- a political and economic system of Europe from the 9th to about the 15th century, based on the holding of all land in fief or fee and the resulting relation of lord to vassal and characterized by homage, legal and military service of tenants, and forfeiture

fief (n) -- a fiefdom; fee

fiefdom (n) -- the estate or domain of a feudal lord

fee (n) --  5. a. in feudal law, an estate in land granted by a lord to his vassal on condition of homage and service b. the land so held

forfeiture (n) -- the act of surrendering something as a forfeit

obfuscate (v) -- to render obscure and/or darken

indubitable (adj.) -- too apparent to be doubted; unquestionable

pied (adj.) -- patchy in color; splotched or piebald

piebald (adj./n) -- spotted or patched, especially in black and white; a piebald animal, especially a horse

centennial (adj.) -- of or relating to an age or period of 100 years
                     (n) -- a 100th anniversary or celebration of it

insipid (adj.) --lacking flavor or zest; not tasty

catenary (n) -- the curve formed by a perfectly flexible, uniformly dense, and inextensible cable suspended from its endpoints

carpophagous (adj.) -- feeding on fruit; fruit-eating

carrel (n) -- a partially partitioned nook in or near the stacks in a library, used for private study

butyraceous (adj.) -- resembling butter in appearance, consistency, or chemical properties

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