12 May 2014

Vocab 5/12/14

matrifocal (adj.) -- focused or centered on the mother

fallow (adj.) -- plowed but left unseeded during a growing season

retinue (n) -- the retainers or attendants accompanying a high-ranking person

reciplicate (v) -- mimic or return the favor

opulent (adj.) -- possessing or exhibiting great wealth; affluent

inguinal (adj.) -- of, relating to, or located in the groin

atomize (v) -- to reduce to or separate into atoms

sonic (adj.) -- of or relating to audible sound: the sonic beams of deaf killers' magnetized annular pistols in the darkness of the hall's concerto strings

annular (adj.) -- shaped like or forming a ring

threnody (n) -- a poem or song of mourning or lamentation

efface (v) -- to rub or wipe out; erase

Florentine (adj.) -- 1. of or relating to Florence, Italy 2. often florentine Having or characterized by a dull chased or rubbed finish--used of gold 3. prepared, cooked, or served with spinach

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