21 May 2014

The Forthcoming Monthly Dozer

Dear Readers,
As my birthday is on May 28th (approx. 7 days from now), I'm going to introduce a new aspect to the TLRH Experience, as it were. The Monthly Dozer (a title devoid of alliteration to avoid and efface myself of any cliché proclivities for glittertotinal [ref. to Neologism Appendix I] titles and/or insincere or purely aesthetic project identifiers) will appear every month on the very last Thursday of that month. It is part video, part vocab entry, and part dialogue between two very special characters: T'wall and Dr. Epiphantifang. The dialogue will be long and partially esoteric in that we cannot know what either character is doing; we are only given their dialogue. The accompanying experimental video project will feature odd music and collages and weird things my undauntedly unrestrained imagination alone will decoct and procure, unless a guest cameo is in order. I'm very excited about this. I hope all of you enjoy it. Thank you.

Sincerely and with care,

W. M. K.

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