29 May 2014

THE MONTHLY DOZER I (May) 3/3: Dictated Recording*

14 Dec. C17ODBCY
Walsh L. Scott Memorial Library, Mindora, IL
Silent Loft (overlooking parking lot through frayed yellow glass window panes)

I killed a small one, once, just like that.

With the heel of your boot?

I think it was a sandal.

Sandal shmandal—did it crunch?

If you count audibly exploding as a kind of a crunching, it crunched all around—like, in a five inch radius from the contact point, pieces going out in little vectors of invariable blink-quick magnitude and direction.

Oh golly, as they say, is that impressive!

You could see the little wiry legs of its thorax’s most distal appendages squirming all about post-impact, too, like a sort of a constituent body-piece undeadness—supernaturally animated.

[Whistles in declining octaves.]

I threw them out. The sandals. I threw both the sandals out.

And but who could blame you, boy? I’d have burned the location down and run outside tearing my clothes off in broad daylight.

But, you’re…



Oh, these? Boy, that’s only a mild indicator.

They’re slightly protrusive though, in a noticeably unnatural sort of way.

Well, yes, but it’s nothing like society would have you believe, mind you. Just take a look at the evolution my kind’s stereotype throughout the previous century and a half!

I think you mean with respect to Hollywood and some nauseous and esoterically interesting YA “novels” [finger quotes] that rotted in many of the Used Books sections of early 21st Century America’s bookstores.

My hat goes off.


It’s all a vapid aesthetic, the stereotype, imbued in all those… mid-1900’s black-and-white films with their crude hypnotism and overly protrusive fangs and their black capes and high collars and lusty sacred blood-sucking as if blood-type was never an issue, or even partially relevant! It’s a defacement of what we actually are—an evolving stereotypically stereotypical image that never leaves the public’s mind!

I think you’re referring to the British film company Hammer Productions Limited and their re-visualizations of the American Dracula, most notably with Dracula, 1957; The Brides of Dracula, 1960; Dracula, Prince of Darkness, 1965; Taste the Blood of Dracula, 1969; and The Satanic Rites of Dracula, 1973, the former three of which were all directed by Terence Fischer, geared toward American audiences with B movie-style sets and acting far too asphyxiated by its own melodrama to seem halfway alive now, but classic acting nonetheless.

Again, my hat goes off.


* T'wall's dialogue is colored in pale blue; Dr. Epiphantifang's is a pale purple.
† Cluck 17, Original Dairy-Based Cinnamon Yogurt.

THE MONTHLY DOZER I (May) 2/3: Video

THE MONTHLY DOZER I (May) 1/3: Vocab

percolate (v) -- to cause (liquid, for example) to pass through a porous substance or small holes; filter

stasis (n) -- a condition of balance among various forces; motionlessness

vociferous (adj.) -- taking, given to, or marked by noisy and vehement outcry

vehement (adj.) -- characterized by forcefulness of expression or intensity of emotion or conviction; fervid

fervid (adj.) -- marked by great passion or zeal

zeal (n) -- enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance

interlude (n) -- an intervening episode, feature, or period of time

intervene (v) -- to come, appear, or lie between two things

despotism (n) -- rule by or as if by a despot; absolute power or authority

despot (n) -- a ruler with absolute power

amanuensis (n) -- one who is employed to take dictation or to copy manuscript

dictation (n) -- the act or process of dictating material to another for transcription

dictate (v) -- to say or read aloud to be recorded or written by another

transcription (n) -- the act or process of transcribing

transcribe (v) -- to make a full written or typewritten copy of (dictated material, for example)

wharf (n) -- a landing place or pier where ships may tie up and load or unload

hosiery (n) -- socks and stockings; hose: a grotesque series of both pin- and wide-striped hosiery hanging in the clearance section of Barney's Northside Black Friday Shopping locales

grotesque (adj.) -- characterized by ludicrous or incongruous distortion, as of appearance or manner

ludicrous (adj.) -- laughable or hilarious because of obvious absurdity or incongruity

absurd (adj.) -- ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable

ridiculous (adj.) -- deserving or inspiring ridicule; absurd, preposterous, or silly

ridicule (n) -- words or actions intended to evoke contemptuous laughter at or feelings toward a person or thing

preposterous (adj.) -- contrary to nature, reason, or common sense; absurd

incongruity (n) -- lack of congruence

congruence (n) -- agreement, harmony, conformity, or correspondence

congruity (n) -- the quality or fact of being congruous

incongruous (n) -- lacking in harmony; incompatible

locale (n) -- a place, especially with reference to a particular event

fealty (n) -- the fidelity owed by a vassal to his feudal lord

entourage (n) -- a group of attendants or associates; a retinue

prosthesis (n) -- an artificial device used to replace a missing body part, such as a limb, tooth, eye, or heart valve

rouge (n) -- a red or pink cosmetic for coloring the cheeks or lips

cosmetic (n/adj.) -- a preparation, such as powder or a skin cream, designed to beautify the body by direct application; serving to do this, especially by the face and hair

constabulary (n/adj.) -- the body of constables of a district or city; of or relating to constables

constable (n) -- a peace officer with less authority and smaller jurisdiction than a sheriff, empowered to serve writs and warrants and make arrests

jurisdiction (n) -- law the right and power to interpret and apply the law

writs (n) -- law a written order issued by a court, commanding the party to whom it is addressed to perform or cease performing a specified act

viscous (adj.) -- having relatively high resistance to flow

divulge (v) -- to make known (something private or secret)

compatriot (n) -- a person from one's own country

felicitate (v) -- to offer congratulations to

rapt (adj.) -- deeply moved or delighted; enraptured

enraptured (adj.) -- to fill with rapture or delight

rapture (n) -- the state of being transported by a lofty emotion; ecstasy

shale (n) -- a fissile rock composed of layers of claylike, fine-grained sediments

fissile (adj.) -- possible to split

sediment (n) -- material that settles to the bottom of a liquid; lees

lees (n) -- sediment settling during fermentation, especially in wine; dregs

fermentation (n) -- the anaerobic conversion of sugar to carbon dioxide and alcohol by yeast

anaerobe (adj.) -- an organism, such as a bacterium, that can live in the absence of atmospheric oxygen

dregs (n) -- brewing solid particles that tend to settle at the bottom of some liquids, such as wine or coffee

Vocab 5/29/14

fissiparous (adj.) -- 1. reproduced by biological fission 2. tending to break up into parts or break away from a main body; factious

fission (n/v) -- the act or process of splitting into parts; to cause to undergo fission

antipodal (adj.) -- 1. of, relating to, or situated on the opposite side or sides of the earth 2. diametrically opposed; exactly opposite

diametrically (adj.) -- of, relating to, or along a diameter

apnea (n) -- transient suspension or respiration

transient (adj.) -- passing with time; transitory

transitory (adj.) -- existing or lasting only a short time; short-lived or temporary

viviparous (adj.) -- zoology giving birth to living offspring that develop within the mother's body

toxophilite (adj.) -- of or relating to archery

interpolation (n) -- something interpolated

interpolate (v) -- to insert or introduce between other elements or parts

abstract (adj.) -- considered apart from concrete existence
                 (n) -- 1. a statement summarizing the important points of a text 2. something abstract

concatenate (v) -- to connect or link in a series or chain

arcane (adj.) -- known or understood by only a few

metaphysics (n) -- philosophy the branch of philosophy that examines the nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, fact and value

incommensurate (adj.) -- not commensurate; disproportionate

commensurate (adj.) --  of the same size, extent, or duration as another

et al. -- latin et alia/aliae/alii; and other/other/others

trope (n) -- a figure of speech using words in nonliteral ways such as a metaphor

metaphor (n) -- a figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison, as in "a sea of troubles"

apposite (adj.) -- strikingly appropriate and relevant

crib (v) -- 3. a. to plagiarize (an idea or answer, for example) b. to steal

liberal (adj.) -- 2. a. tending to give freely; generous: a liberal benefactor b. generous in amount; ample

benefactor (n) -- one that gives aid, especially financial aid

benefactress (n) -- a woman benefactor

beneficiary (n) -- one that receives a benefit

integer (n) -- a member of the set of positive whole numbers {1, 2, 3, . . . }, negative whole numbers {-1, -2, -3, . . . }, and zero {0}

28 May 2014

Vocab 5/28/14

filigree (n) -- delicate and intricate ornamental work made from gold, silver, or other fine twisted wire

absolve (v) -- to pronounce clear of guilt or blame

efficacy (n) -- power or capacity to produce a desired effect; effectiveness

allot (v) -- to parcel out; distribute or apportion

parcel (n) -- something wrapped up or packaged; a package
           (v) -- to divide into parts and distribute

apportion (v) -- to divide and assign according to a plan; allot

disseminate (v) -- to scatter widely, as in sowing seed

nefarious (adj.) -- infamous by way of being extremely wicked

infamous (adj.) -- having an exceedingly bad reputation; notorious

notorious (adj.) -- known widely and usually unfavorably; infamous

obeisance (n) -- a gesture or movement of the body, such as a curtsy, that expresses deference or homage

deference (n) -- submission or courteous yielding to the opinion, wishes, or judgment of another

homage (n) -- 1. ceremonial acknowledgment by a vassal of allegiance to his lord under feudal law 2. special honor or respect shown or expressed publicly

vassal (n) -- a person who held land from a feudal lord and received protection in return for homage and allegiance

feudal (adj.) -- of, relating to, or characteristic of feudalism

feudalism (n) -- a political and economic system of Europe from the 9th to about the 15th century, based on the holding of all land in fief or fee and the resulting relation of lord to vassal and characterized by homage, legal and military service of tenants, and forfeiture

fief (n) -- a fiefdom; fee

fiefdom (n) -- the estate or domain of a feudal lord

fee (n) --  5. a. in feudal law, an estate in land granted by a lord to his vassal on condition of homage and service b. the land so held

forfeiture (n) -- the act of surrendering something as a forfeit

obfuscate (v) -- to render obscure and/or darken

indubitable (adj.) -- too apparent to be doubted; unquestionable

pied (adj.) -- patchy in color; splotched or piebald

piebald (adj./n) -- spotted or patched, especially in black and white; a piebald animal, especially a horse

centennial (adj.) -- of or relating to an age or period of 100 years
                     (n) -- a 100th anniversary or celebration of it

insipid (adj.) --lacking flavor or zest; not tasty

catenary (n) -- the curve formed by a perfectly flexible, uniformly dense, and inextensible cable suspended from its endpoints

carpophagous (adj.) -- feeding on fruit; fruit-eating

carrel (n) -- a partially partitioned nook in or near the stacks in a library, used for private study

butyraceous (adj.) -- resembling butter in appearance, consistency, or chemical properties

27 May 2014

Vocab 5/27/14

duress (n) -- constraint by threat; coercion

subsume (v) -- to classify, include, or incorporate in a more comprehensive category or under a general principle

confer (v) -- to bestow (an honor, for example)

oeuvre (n) -- 1. a work of art 2. the sum of the lifework of an artist, writer, or composer

incredulous (adj.) -- skeptical; disbelieving

unctuous (adj.) -- characterized by affected, exaggerated, or insincere earnestness

affect (v) -- to have an influence on or effect a change in
          (n) -- feeling or emotion, especially as manifested by facial expression or body language

effect (n) -- something brought about by a cause or agent; a result
          (v) -- to bring into existence

recant (v) -- to make a formal retraction or disavowal of (a statement or belief to which one has previously committed oneself

sibilate (v) -- to utter or pronounce with a hissing sound

shunt (v/n) --  to turn aside or move to an alternate course; the act or process of this

acquiesce (v) -- to consent or comply passively or without protest: the hostages whom, after intense gunfire and emotionally taxing duress, are forced to acquiesce and comply with the pantyhose-masked villain's every order 

expletive (n) -- an exclamation or oath, especially one that is profane, vulgar, or obscene
            (adj.) -- added or inserted in order to fill out something, such as a sentence or a metrical line

discomfit (v) -- to make uneasy or perplexed; disconcert

disconcert (v) -- to upset the self-possession of; ruffle

poignant (adj.) -- profoundly moving; touching

26 May 2014

Vocab 5/26/14

frenetic (adj.) -- wildly excited or active; frantic; frenzied

gainly (adj.) -- graceful or well-formed; shapely
           (adv.) -- conveniently or suitably

protrusive (adj.) -- tending to protrude; protruding: the protrusive fangs of some vague vampire's salivating gob

protrude (v) -- to push or thrust outward

guilloche (n) -- architecture an ornamental border formed of two or more curved bands that interlace to repeat a circular design

hornito (n) -- a low mound of volcanic origin, sometimes emitting smoke or vapor

stratigraphy (n) -- the study of rock strata, especially the distribution, deposition, and age of sedimentary rocks

stratum (n) -- a horizontal layer of any material, esp. one of several layers arranged one on top of another.
Usage Note: The pl. form is strata.

issuant (adj.) -- heraldry designating an animal with only the upper part depicted

noxious (adj.) -- harmful to living things; injurious to health

25 May 2014

Vocab 5/25/14

pejorative (adj.) -- tending to make or become worse

imprimatur (n) -- official approval or license to print or publish, especially under conditions of censorship

phylactery (n) -- 1. Judaism either of two small leather boxes, each containing strips of parchment inscribed with quotations from the Hebrew Scriptures, one of which is strapped to the forehead and the other to the left arm; traditionally worn by Jewish men during morning worship, except on the Sabbath and holidays 2. a. an amulet b. a reminder

auteur (n) -- a filmmaker, usually a director, who exercises creative control over his or her works and has a strong personal style

pustule (n) -- a small inflamed elevation of the skin that is filled with pus; a pimple

garret (n) -- a room on the top floor of a house, typically under a pitched roof; an attic

prurient (adj.) -- inordinately interested in matters of sex; lascivious

inordinate (adj.) -- exceeding reasonable limits; immoderate

lascivious (adj.) -- given to or expressing lust; lecherous

lecherous (adj.) -- given to, characterized by, or eliciting lechery

lechery (n) -- excessive indulgence in sexual activity; lewdness

lewdness (n) -- preoccupied with sex and sexual desire; lustful

reticent (adj.) -- inclined to keep one's thoughts, feelings, and personal affairs to oneself

apodictic (adj.) -- necessarily or demonstrably true; incontrovertible

24 May 2014

Vocab 5/24/14

consanguineous (adj.) -- of the same lineage or origin; having a common ancestor

consanguinity (n) -- 1. relationship by blood or by a common ancestor 2. a close affinity or connection

pirouette (n) -- a full turn of the body on the point of the toe or the ball of the foot in ballet

defecate (v) -- to void feces from the bowels

aleatory (adj.) -- dependent on chance, luck, or an uncertain outcome

plumb (n) -- a weight on the end of a line, used to determine water depth
           (adj.) -- 1. exactly vertical 2. also plum informal utter; absolute; sheer

wen (n) -- a harmless cyst, especially on the scalp or face, containing the fatty secretion of a sebaceous gland

cyst (n) -- pathology an abnormal membranous sac containing a gaseous, liquid, or semisolid substance

 sebaceous gland (n) -- any of various glands in the dermis of the skin that open into a hair follicle and produce and secrete sebum

follicle (n) -- anatomy a small bodily cavity or sac

sac (n) -- a pouch or pouchlike structure in a plant or an animal, sometimes filled with fluid

dermis (n) -- the sensitive connective tissue layer of the skin located below the epidermis, containing nerve endings, sweat and sebaceous glands, and blood and lymph vessels

sebaceous (adj.) -- of, relating to, or resembling fat or sebum; fatty

sebum (n) --the semifluid secretion of the sebaceous glands, consisting chiefly of fat, keratin, and cellular material

ester (n) -- any of a class of organic compounds corresponding to the inorganic salts and formed from an organic acid and an alcohol

keratin (n) -- a tough, insoluble protein substance that is the chief structural constituent of hair, nails, horns, and hooves

insoluble (adj.) -- that cannot be dissolved

soluble (adj.) -- that can be dissolved, especially easily dissolved

21 May 2014

Vocab 5/21/14

cacuminal (adj.) -- articulated with the tip of the tongue turned back and up toward the roof of the mouth; retroflex

retroflex (adj.) -- 1. bent, curved, or turned backward 2. pronounced with the tip of the tongue turned back against the roof of the mouth 
        (n) -- a sound pronounced with the tongue in retroflex position, as the sound (r) in some varieties of English

intermittent (adj.) -- 1. stopping and starting at intervals 2. alternately containing and empty of water: an intermittent lake

cajolery (n) -- flattery intended to persuade

insensate (adj.) -- without compunction or human feeling

compunction (n) -- a strong uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt

arcadian (adj.) --  (used with regard to idealized country life) idyllically rustic; bucolic

bucolic (adj.) -- of or characteristic of the countryside or its people; rustic
              (n) -- a pastoral poem

rustic (adj.) -- of, relating to, or typical of country life or country people

subdue (v) -- to conquer and subjugate; vanquish

subjugate (v) -- to bring under control; conquer

vanquish (v) -- to defeat or conquer in battle; subjugate

woeful (adj.) -- of very poor quality or condition

execrable (adj.) -- deserving of execration; hateful

execration (n) -- 1. the act of cursing 2. a curse

curse (n) -- an appeal or prayer for evil or misfortune to befall someone or something

austere (adj.) -- severe or stern in disposition or appearance; somber and grave

somber (adj.) -- dark; gloomy

emaciate (v) -- to make or become extremely thin, especially as a result of starvation

docile (adj.) -- ready and willing to be taught; teachable

extradite (v) -- to give up or deliver (a fugitive, for example) to the legal jurisdiction of another government or authority

irascible (adj.) -- prone to outbursts of temper; easily angered

The Forthcoming Monthly Dozer

Dear Readers,
As my birthday is on May 28th (approx. 7 days from now), I'm going to introduce a new aspect to the TLRH Experience, as it were. The Monthly Dozer (a title devoid of alliteration to avoid and efface myself of any cliché proclivities for glittertotinal [ref. to Neologism Appendix I] titles and/or insincere or purely aesthetic project identifiers) will appear every month on the very last Thursday of that month. It is part video, part vocab entry, and part dialogue between two very special characters: T'wall and Dr. Epiphantifang. The dialogue will be long and partially esoteric in that we cannot know what either character is doing; we are only given their dialogue. The accompanying experimental video project will feature odd music and collages and weird things my undauntedly unrestrained imagination alone will decoct and procure, unless a guest cameo is in order. I'm very excited about this. I hope all of you enjoy it. Thank you.

Sincerely and with care,

W. M. K.

Vocab 5/20/14 (PPFTF)

vocative (adj.) -- 1. relating to, characteristic of, or used in calling 2. of, relating to, or being a grammatical case in certain inflected languages to indicate the person or thing being addressed
                  (n) -- the vocative case

scathe (v) -- to harm or injure, especially by fire

curare (n) -- a toxic alkaloid found in certain tropical South American trees that is a powerful relaxant for striated muscles; "curare acts by blocking cholinergic transmission at the myoneural junction"

striate (v) -- to mark with striations

striation (n) -- the state of being striated or having striae

stria (n) -- a thin, narrow groove or channel
Usage Note: The plural (pl.) form is striae.

alkaloid (n) -- any of various organic compounds normally with basic chemical properties and usually containing at least one nitrogen atom in a heterocyclic ring, occurring chiefly in many vascular plants and some fungi. Many alkaloids, such as nicotine, quinine, cocaine, and morphine, are known for their poisonous or medicinal attributes

heterocyclic (n) -- containing more than one kind of atom joined in a ring

paraplegia (n) -- complete paralysis of the lower half of the body including both legs, usually caused by damage to the spinal cord

eidetic (adj.) -- of, relating to, or marked by extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall of visual images

bradykinetic (adj.) -- characterized by or pertaining to slow movement

homodont (n) -- having teeth all alike in form, as those of the lower vertebrates, in contrast to heterodont

19 May 2014

Vocab 5/19/14

mendacious (adj.) -- lying; untruthful

sonorous (adj.) -- having or producing a full, deep, or rich sound

sonorant (n) -- a usually voiced speech sound characterized by relatively free air flow through the vocal tract and capable of being syllabic, as a vowel, liquid, or nasal

vivacious (adj.) -- full of animation and spirit; lively

sycophant (n) -- a servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people

tangential (adj.) -- of, relating to, or moving along or in the direction of a tangent

tangent (adj.) -- making contact at a single point or along a line; touching but not intersecting
                 (n) -- a line, curve, or surface meeting another line, curve, or surface at a common point and sharing a common tangent line or tangent plane at that point

machination (n) -- 1. the act of plotting 2. a crafty scheme or cunning design for the accomplishment of a sinister end

evoke (v) -- to summon or call forth

invoke (v) -- to call on (a higher power) for assistance, support, or inspiration

ableism (n) -- discrimination or prejudice against people with disabilities

carapace (n) -- zoology a hard bony or chitinous outer covering, such as the fused dorsal plates of a turtle or the portion of the exoskeleton covering the head and thorax of a crustacean

decorum (n) -- appropriateness of behavior or conduct; propriety

propriety (n) -- the quality of being proper; appropriateness

entomology (n) -- the scientific study of insects

17 May 2014

Vocab 5/17/14

vacuous (adj.) -- devoid of matter; empty

devoid (adj.) -- completely lacking; destitute or empty

destitute (adj.) -- utterly lacking; devoid

utterly (adv.) -- completely; absolutely; entirely

perpetrate (v) -- to be responsible for; commit

remonstrate (v) -- to say or plead in protest, objection, or reproof

petulant (adj.) -- unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered; peevish

peevish (adj.) -- querulous or discontented

querulous (adj.) -- given to complaining; peevish

curdle (v) -- to change into curd

curd (n) -- the part of milk that coagulates when the milk sours or is treated with enzymes

coagulate (v) -- to cause transformation of (a liquid or sol, for example) into or as if into a soft, semisolid, or solid mass

protein (n) -- any of a group of complex organic macromolecules that contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and usually sulfur and are composed of one or more chains of amino acids. Proteins are fundamental components of all living cells and include many substances, such as enzymes, hormones, and antibodies, that are necessary for the proper functioning of an organism; they are essential in the diet of animals for the growth and repair of tissue and can be obtained from foods such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, and legumes

macro- (pref.) -- large

enzymes (n) -- any of numerous proteins or conjugated proteins produced by living organisms and functioning as biochemical catalysts

conjugate (v) -- 1. grammar to inflect (a verb) in its forms for distinctions such as number, person, voice, mood, and tense 2. to join together

biochemistry (n) -- the study of the chemical substances and vital processes occurring in living organisms; biological chemistry; physiological chemistry

catalyst (n) -- 1. chemistry a substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction without being consumed in the process 2. one that precipitates a process or event, especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences

relative (adj.) -- 1. having pertinence or relevance; connected or related 2. considered in comparison with something else

precipitate (v) -- 1. to throw from or as if from a great height; hurl downward 2. to cause to happen, especially suddenly or prematurely 3. meteorology to cause (water vapor) to condense and fall from the air as rain, snow, sleet, or hail 4. chemistry to cause (a solid substance) to be separated from a solution

16 May 2014

Vocab 5/16/14

conical (adj.) -- of, relating to, or shaped like a cone

consummate (v) -- to bring to completion or fruition; conclude

plastron (n) -- 1. a metal breastplate worn under a coat of mail 2. a quilted pad worn by fencers to protect the torso and side

candelabrum (n) -- a large decorative candlestick having several arms or branches

malentendu (n) -- a misunderstanding

14 May 2014

Vocab 5/14/14

cunctation (n) -- procrastination; delay

procrastinate (v) -- to put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness; to delay needlessly

pleonasm (n) -- the use of more words than are required to express an idea; redundancy

animalcule (n) -- a microscopic or minute organism, such as an amoeba or paramecium, usually considered to be an animal

anapest (n) -- a metrical foot composed of two short syllables followed by one long one, as in the word seventeen

indurate (adj./v) -- physically or morally hardened; to make or become such

13 May 2014

Vocab 5/13/14

burgeon (v) -- to put forth new buds, leaves, or greenery; sprout

sterile (adj.) -- 1. not producing or incapable of producing offspring 2. free from live bacteria or other microorganisms

bumptious (adj.) -- crudely or loudly assertive; pushy

lazaretto (n) -- a hospital treating contagious diseases

widdershins (adv.) -- in a contrary or counterclockwise direction

coracle (n) -- a small rounded boat made of waterproof material stretched over a wicker or wooden frame

Usage Note: still used in some parts of Great Britain, the coracle is often made of animal hides stretched over a wicker frame.

12 May 2014

Vocab 5/12/14

matrifocal (adj.) -- focused or centered on the mother

fallow (adj.) -- plowed but left unseeded during a growing season

retinue (n) -- the retainers or attendants accompanying a high-ranking person

reciplicate (v) -- mimic or return the favor

opulent (adj.) -- possessing or exhibiting great wealth; affluent

inguinal (adj.) -- of, relating to, or located in the groin

atomize (v) -- to reduce to or separate into atoms

sonic (adj.) -- of or relating to audible sound: the sonic beams of deaf killers' magnetized annular pistols in the darkness of the hall's concerto strings

annular (adj.) -- shaped like or forming a ring

threnody (n) -- a poem or song of mourning or lamentation

efface (v) -- to rub or wipe out; erase

Florentine (adj.) -- 1. of or relating to Florence, Italy 2. often florentine Having or characterized by a dull chased or rubbed finish--used of gold 3. prepared, cooked, or served with spinach

08 May 2014

Vocab 5/8/14

indelible (adj.) -- impossible to remove, erase, or wash away; permanent

addle (v) -- 1. to become confused 2. to become rotten, as an egg

caprine (adj.) -- of, relating to, or characteristic of a goat

lionize (v) -- to look on or treat (a person) as a celebrity

cataract (n) -- 1. a large or high waterfall 2Pathology Opacity of the lens or capsule of the eye, causing impairment of vision or blindness

opaque (adj.) -- impenetrable by light; neither transparent nor translucent

07 May 2014

Vocab 5/7/14

nevus (n) -- congenital growth or mark on the skin, such as a mole or birthmark

eschew (v) -- to avoid; shun

circumlocution (n) -- the use of unnecessarily wordy and indirect language

locution (n) -- a particular word, phrase, or expression, especially one that is used by a particular person or group

oblique (adj.) -- having a slanting or sloping direction, course, or position; inclined

Vocab 5/6/14

turgid (adj.) -- excessively ornate or complex in style or language; grandiloquent

grandiloquence (n) -- pompous or bombastic speech or expression

bombast (n) -- grandiloquent, pompous speech or writing

pompous (adj.) -- characterized by excessive self-esteem or exaggerated dignity; pretentious

dignity (n) -- the quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect

esteem (n) -- favorable regard

scintillate (v) -- to throw off sparks; flash

misanthropy (n) -- hatred or mistrust of humankind

bureaucracy (n) -- administration of a government chiefly through bureaus or departments staffed with nonelected officials

bureau (n) -- 1. a chest of drawers, especially a dresser for holding clothes 2. a government department or a subdivision of a department

broach (v) -- to bring up (a subject) for discussion or debate

gimlet (n) -- a small hand tool having a spiraled shank, a screw tip, and a cross handle and used for boring holes

shank (n) -- 1. the part of the human leg between the knee and ankle 2. the long narrow part of a nail or pin

labiodental (adj.) -- articulated with the lower lip and upper teeth, as the sounds f and v

fricative (n) -- a consonant, such as f or s in English, produced by the forcing of breath through a constricted passage

knurl (n) --  1. a knob, knot, or other small protuberance 2. one of a series of small ridges or grooves on the surface or edge of a metal object, such as a thumbscrew, to aid in gripping

thumbscrew (n) -- a screw designed so that it can be turned with the thumb and fingers