22 April 2014

Vocab 4/22/14

intrinsic (adj.) - of or relating to the essential nature of a thing; inherent  

antiquity (n) - the quality of being old or ancient; considerable age
conflagration (n) - a large destructive fire
caprice (n) - an impulsive change of mind

orthography (n) - the art or study of correct spelling according to established usage
colloquialism (n) - a colloquial expression

 colloquial (adj.) - characteristic of or appropriate to the spoken language or to writing that seeks the effect of speech; informal  

usurp (v) - to seize and hold (the power or rights of another, for example) by force or without legal authority

pragmatic (adj.) - dealing or concerned with facts or actual occurrences; practical
  polemic (n) - a controversial argument, especially one refuting or attacking a specific opinion or doctrine

alacrity (n) - cheerful willingness; eagerness

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