11 March 2014

Vocab 3/11/14

métier (n) -- a profession or trade, esp. that to which one is well suited

antecedent (adj.) -- going before; preceding

embroil (v) -- to involve in argument, contention, or hostile actions

extemporize (v) -- to do or perform (something) without prior preparation or practice

empirical (adj.) -- relying on or derived from observation or experiment 

resplendent (adj.) -- splendid or dazzling in appearance; brilliant

belligerent (adj.) -- inclined or eager to fight; hostile or aggressive 

circuitous (adj.) -- being or taking a roundabout way of doing something; marked by indirection

adjunct (adj./n) -- added or connected in a subordinate or auxiliary capacity; something that does this

auxiliary (adj.) -- giving assistance or support; helping  

deference (n) -- submission or courteous yielding to the opinion, wishes, or judgment of another

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