11 March 2014

Don DeLillo Reads from Mao II

Here we see one of the most prosaically prolific, stylistically keen, and all around skilled authors of all time reading excerpts from his book. I feel, in reading even the shortest excerpts of modern popular fiction (some is really alright) that authors nowadays have lost the love for language and rhetoric and intentionally unique, possibly solecistic, prose formats which many before and fewer current found the bravery to render from pedantic rule and forge into something new for the sake of what the words on the page were telling beyond themselves--as a whole. Many of the authors who embellish their writings with elementary or unremittingly blunt and simple syntax, lacking sustenance of any kind, (I feel) cannot even hold a candle up to Don DeLillo or any of his literary works. He is my goal, in some manner, ultimately--he and David Foster Wallace.

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